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Virtual Dual NIC

Virtual Dual NIC is a tool to create multiple Virtual Dual NIC from single network adapter and provide load balancing function.
Virtual Dual NIC also has Quick KM.
Quick KM could share keyboard and mouse and is available now.

Click here for more detail. (RhSoft Virtual Dual NIC)

Easy NIC Test

Easy NIC Test is a tool to send and receive packets in line speed. It could replace the expensive hardware test equipment.
Easy NIC Test support both ethernet and wireless.

Click here for more detail. (RhSoft Easy NIC Test)

Virtual Dual NIC Pro

Virtual Dual NIC Pro is a professional tool to test router.

Click here for more detail. (RhSoft Virtual Dual NIC Pro)

Rhsoft WAN Emulator

WAN Emulator is a tool to emulate what network happens in real world. It emulate packet drop, link disconnect and others.
WAN Emulator could make your Windows socket program good and better.

Click here for more detail. (RhSoft WAN Emulator)

Rhsoft Network Tap

RhSoft Network tap could filter, mirror, monitor network traffic. It is highly optimized for speed and working on 1G and 10G.
Windows 6 NDIS driver. Low packet processing latency. It support Windows Vista/7/8.

Click here for more detail. (RhSoft Network Tap)

Air Mouse

Air Mouse is a tool to control your PC mouse and keyboard from Andriod Phone!

Click here for more detail. (RhSoft Air Mouse)

Easy File Copy

Easy File Copy is a tool to copy files between computers on-the-fly!

Click here for more detail. (Easy File Copy)
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