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這是 Easy NIC Test 軟體的網站

Easy NIC Test 是專業的網路卡及 Router 的測試軟體

只要網路卡與系統足夠快,就可以傳送 line speed 的 data transfer

用來測試網路卡, Switch 和 Router 的在高速傳輸的穩定性

Easy NIC Test commerical version.

Easy NIC Test - Free Version
Easy NIC Test - Commerical Version
Very cheap
Send only
always max packet length
Send and receive
increasing, decreasing, random, fixed, max, min length
Multi-port on single computer
Send and receive
ethernet only
ethernet and wireless
ethernet only
Link speed
Depends on NIC
Depends on NIC
1G is expensive.
Driver installation

Easy NIC Test commerical version.

Download Easy NIC Test (Free Version)

Benefit for customized test program

For IC design house

  • Data transfer is in line-speed. Stress test your IC code on FPGA.
  • Make your code quality is good enough to tape-out.
  • For system vendor mass production

  • Improve test quality of production-line and reduce test time. Increase utilization of production line
  • Windows tool is very easy to use and less training cost.
  • High test quality makes fewer RMA and reduce your total cost.
  • High product quality keep your brand name good.

  • BETA 1.3 (2012/12/26)

    1. Support double VLAN

    2. Support adapter alias and two adapter saving slots

    3. Support RX CRC counter

    4. Support send few packets

    BETA 1.2

    1. Support TX VLAN/Priority

    2. Support MAC address learning packet sending

    3. Support NIC info - MAC address

    4. Minor improve UI

    5. Postpone expired date

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