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Easy NIC Test - Commerical Version

Easy NIC Test - Commerical Version is a professional tool to test NIC, router and switch.

It could send wire speed data traffic if NIC and system are fast enough.

Do a high quality test to ethernet switch. No more low speed and low quality test by old DOS application.

Use this tool for stress testing, find out the product problem as soon as possible.

1. One PC could bind multiple NIC for testing

2. ethernet switch back-to-back testing

3. ethernet switch pair testing

4. ethernet many-to-one testing

5. ethernet MAC learning testing

6. PC based test tool is cheap. It is a Windows application and easily to integrite to mass production program.

Buy Easy NIC Test Commerical version (2 port)

Buy Easy NIC Test Commerical version (5 port)

Benefit for Easy NIC Test

For IC design house

  • Data transfer is in line-speed. Stress test your IC code on FPGA.
  • Make your code quality is good enough to tape-out.
  • For system vendor mass production

  • Improve test quality of production-line and reduce test time. Increase utilization of production line
  • Windows tool is very easy to use and less training cost.
  • High test quality makes fewer RMA and reduce your total cost.
  • High product quality keep your brand name good.
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