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  • Virtual Dual NIC provides the following functions.

    Single network card to have a DHCP IP address and Static IP address.

    Facilitate planning your personal and family networks, you can use the public IP for Internet, and ues private IP to your NAS or PC.

    A single network card to have multiple DHCP public IP address.

    Use the built-in tools to to use different IP address at the same time and for load balancing.

    A single network card to have multiple static IP and gateway.

    Use different static IP address for load balancing through the different gateway.

    Enterprise-class traffic monitoring function.

    Real-time analysis of network packets and displays the history of traffic by using underlying network drivers.

    Optimized Windows Vista / 7 the protocol driver

    Even with virtual network adapter, it will not significantly increase the CPU usage.

    Dedicated virtual Adapter for PPPoE

    By particular virtual adapter for PPPoE packet, reducing the overhead of network protocol stack.

    Integrate Windows network services

    Easily use Windows file sharing and Windows remote desktop. Also, Wake-on-Lan.

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  • Virtual Dual NIC提供了如下的功能

    單一網路卡,可同時擁有DHCP IP位址及Static IP位址

    方便你規劃個人與家庭網路,你可以同時間使用public IP連上internet,並使用private IP,快速地存取私人的NAS或遠端遙控私人電腦

    單一網路卡,可同時擁有多個DHCP public IP位址

    利用內建的工具,讓你的網路程式,可以在同時間使用不同的internet IP位址,以達到負載平衡

    單一網路卡,可同時擁有多個static IP位址,並有不同的gateway IP

    可以在同時間使用不同的static IP位址,經由不同的Gateway,以達到負載平衡



    最佳化的Windows Vista/7 protocol driver


    獨立的Virtual Adapter for PPPoE

    使用特定的virtual adapter只接收傳送PPPoE packet,減少無謂的耗損



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